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Ok, we didn’t exactly go on an alcoholic bender like Ray Milland in The Lost Weekend, but Jeff and I spent an embarrassing amount of time (literally hours upon hours, damn you cable television and your weekend marathons!) with our asses firmly planted on the couch watching Ninja Warrior. This show is like crack or potato chips… you can’t watch just one! I pretty much love everything about this show. One of the best things is that anyone (and everyone) participates. There are celebrities and sports stars (they’re all Japanese stars and athletes, so I’ve no clue who they are) along side everyday folk. It’s hard not to get invested in how well these people do in the various stages of competition. From the wannabes like Octopus Guy, Hang Glider Guy and Model Builder Guy (if you’ve seen more than one episode you’ll know exactly who I’m talking about) to the impressive “All-Stars” (Japanese firefighters are total bad asses btw), I literally scream and cheer at the TV as they take on the hellish obstacle course.