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The Detroit Red Wings opened the Stanley Cup Championships at home last night against the Pittsburgh Penguins. It was a great game as the Red Wings took the series lead 1-0 with a 4-0 victory. It should’ve been 5-0, but the Red Wings had one goal disallowed because of supposed goalie interference. It was a bad call looking at the video, and the second such bad call I’ve seen during the playoff call. They need to allow video replay for these call since the refs are always in the right place to see exactly what’s going on.

I played some of my own hockey last night too, taking advantage of the early start time for the Saturday Night Scrimmage, conveniently at 11pm so it was after the Red Wings game had wrapped up. It was a great time. The team I was on had only a couple people on it, so there was the mix of nervousness and excitement of playing with new people. I played pretty well too, even against some very solid players. I played defense the whole time so I got to work on those skills, reading plays and trying to make the right moves. I’m not sure what my plus/minus was last night, but I think I did okay.

We wore ourselves out last night too. We should’ve only been on the ice for 80 minutes, but we weren’t thrown out until 1:20am (that’s 140 minutes). It was exhausting fun. We started losing people at about the 90 minute mark, and for the last 20 minutes I was on the ice the whole time with my defensive partner. We held up pretty well, we weren’t aggressive in helping with offense but we did a good job and shutting down offense that came our direction.

Next week hockey is back to normal with Ronnie’s in the morning plus both Wizards and Ordinals games.