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The Ordinals are back to a winning record thanks to us beating Blizzard 4-3 last night. It was a fun, fast moving game, as it always is with the Blizzard. Luckily the Ordinals stepped up to the challenge. Overall the team looked good last night, especially on offense. Unfortunately the Blizzard goalie is quite awesome and stopped many shots, but getting four past him was all we needed.

Defensively we had issues, however. Some of that stemmed from trying to hard on offense. There were a couple of odd-man rushes that happened, that we simply shouldn’t have allowed to get set-up. Peter stopped many of them,  but some goals got past him because the defense was out of position and couldn’t get back fast enough.

I was part of the defensive problem too early on. I’m not sure why, but I was off my game. I got knocked out of the game a few shifts into the second period though. I got hit with a Blizzard slap shot in the head. The shot broke my helmet and really threw me for a loop.  The pain on the right side of my head was quite intense of a few minutes and then settled into a headache, which has continued into today. After checking in with my mom, the nurse, I’m convinced the headache is nothing to worry about since I don’t have any other signs of being concussed or worse.

Earlier in the evening, the Wizards took on the new Wolfpack. Going into the game both teams were undefeated and, unfortunately, it was the Wizards that got dealt the first loss of the season. We lost 2-4, after leading the game into the start of the third period. I’m not really sure what happened, but things fell apart for us and got good for the Wolfpack. We can hold are heads high though. This is the first game for the Wolfpack that they have scored so few goals (previous games were 8-6, 11-3 and 8-0 for them).

Even though my Ordinals game was a mess, I felt good with the Wizards game. I was out for a couple of the goals, but I felt I’d done pretty much everything I could to shut them down. The tough part of the game was the heat and humidity in the rink. It made it rough to breath, even with a couple of inhaler puffs before the game. It was pretty physical too. No one thing in particular made it too rough, but the culmination left me feeling pretty sore. Is that what screwed up my Ordinals game? I hope not since stamina wise I usually am fine (unless it was the humidity at work again). Plus, after Ordinals warmups, I had worked out the kinks pretty well. Today’s another matter, between the head and the body I feel pretty smashed up.

Ronnie’s Ice actually started the Saturday battering. I took a puck just above the ankle. During the scrimmage someone was on the opposite team was working to clear the puck along the boards and I stopped it with my leg. That left a mark and it’s still sore!

Next week the Ordinals and Wizards games are at the same time, so I only get the single Ordinals game.