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A couple of reality shows we’ve been watching wrapped up in the past couple weeks and they are worth commenting on.

Step it Up & Dance: I loved this show from the beginning. This show was so much better the Dance Wars. The cross section of dancers they brought in were great and it peeled down to a near-perfect final four. I loved Cody, Nick and Mochi from their first introduction. I never liked Miguel. While his dance worked for me sometimes, his attitude was always awful… complaining, whining. If he channeled all that into his dance, he might have been able to step it up and win.

In this week’s finale, the four had to do a solo as well as a group piece. The group piece was good. The solos were great. Nick (who really came from behind in the last three weeks) and Mochi did amazing work. Cody though blew me away. When he was finished, I said he should win because he moved me to tears with his performance. And win he did! Here’s his solo piece, see what you think.

Viva Hollywood! This show was just weird fun as actors competed to become the America’s Numero Uno Telenovela Star. Talk about drama. These actors nearly came to blows more than once… and the house became one big telenovela. It was too much wacky drama to tune away from as each week the challenges got more insane. It was weeks of fun, and in the end the right guy, Berto, won. Check out the final moments of the show… it gives you an idea of what you missed if you didn’t watch.