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The Canucks and the Hornets provide the Ordinals with the toughest competition in our division. We’re pretty evenly matched with the other five teams in the division–we win some, we loose some . The Canucks and Hornets force us to become a better team. We’ve never beaten either of these teams and we push ourselves every time they come up on the schedule to play better against them than we did the previous time.

Last night we met up with the Canucks for the first time this season. Last season we met them three times and we lost all three: 3-5, 0-10, 3-9. The week’s game was our best game against the Canucks and possibly the best game the Ordinals have played ever. We lost 3-5 (matching last season’s best score). But, to analyze the game we actually did one better. That fifth Canucks goal was scored on an empty net as we were pushing hard to get to overtime.

We played as a team, we had good passing and puck movement and we worked hard on both offense and defense to play at their level. It was a fun, competitive game. Frankly if can bring that game every week for the rest of the season we are going to be a very formidable opponent for everyone else. Plus we finally got Andrej out with us for the first time since he became an alternate. It was great to see him in red.

My own game last night at some glitches, which I wasn’t happy about. My clearing passes were not always what they should’ve been. It’s also a challenge for me to keep up with some of the Canucks fastest players, but I did decently with that. Unfortunately, I was on the ice for 4 of the 5 goals against us last night. Two of those I should’ve been able to stop. *Sigh*

Ronnie’s Ice was great yesterday morning. Lots of skating with the drills, as always. Good scrimmage too. The scrimmages have been great because suddenly there are more players within my skill level and that’s making for some very competitive scrimmages. Also got to meet a new NYCGHA recruit who hit the ice for the first time yesterday. Adam and I had been emailing to get him started on-ice and it was great to play with him during the scrimmage.

In other news, the Wizards played at the same time as the Ordinals and unfortunately they fell to Tsunami last night 1-3. i didn’t get to play that game  because it happened at the same time as the Ordinals.