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The Ordinals had a successful night against the Knights, taking them 6-5 in overtime. We needed the win because it gets us back to a winning record (4-3). Best of all it was a classic OT win. With 1:10 to go, we pulled Peter out of the net and then with about 35 seconds to go we tied it up. About half way through the 5 minute overtime period we got the winning goal.

Unfortunately, the game should’ve been tipped much more in our direction. We had great talent out there last night and we should’ve never gone down as far as we did. We powered our way back in third to overcome a 2-5 deficit. That deficit happened because we got sloppy in the second period. It’s really odd how well we play up to the point we start loosing. After that we throw out all the fundamentals and slip into a game that makes the situation all the worse. The heroics are really bad. Rather than going for a passing game, which is our best game, we end up with people trying to make solo goals.

Case in point, one of the wings drives from deep in our defensive zone and goes all the way into the offensive zone, completely ignoring his quite capable linemates. It didn’t matter that they were initially ahead of him on the ice, he drove all the way in on his own and eventually lost the puck because the Knights defense cut off his options. I understand the attraction of heroics, but I wish we’d learn how to not go down that path.

For my own game against the Knights, I had a great time. I enjoy being paired up with Bobby, which I was half the time last night (we had five D so sometimes I was with Jon, which was a good pairing too). I got to shut down Joe a lot last night too, which is always fun. Joe and I chatter a lot because he’s a wing on my side of the ice. I did make one huge error last night… the puck was just lying there because Bobby got it off one of the Knights. It should’ve been easy for me to get it to the boards and out of the slot, but no… I whiffed on the clear and Joe picked it up and scored. I was not happy (I believe I had several expletives on my way back to the bench after that). And, yes, there were some other mistakes too… but all in all I was in a good place coming out of that game.

The Wizards game later in the night was a disaster. Nothing clicked against the Hornets for the offense or defense and we lost 2-7. For me personally this was a horrific game. As decent as the Ordinals game was for me, this was bad.. the worst I’ve played in weeks I think. Many, many errors were made. I usually partner well with Alvin, but we were both out of sorts. It got a little better when I was out with Brian, but overall it was bad. There’s no other word for it other than bad.

Ronnie’s in the morning was great. I felt I really played well in the scrimmage and clicked well with the drills. I wish I’d been able to play that well in the Wizards game (have I made it clear how badly that sucked).

Next week it’s Chelsea Challenge time, plus the Ordinals have a late game against the Moose.