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I’ve noticed the obsession with Ninja Warrior has really tainted my enjoyment of American Gladiators. Warrior is much more intense than Gladiators and while I still watch and am entertained by Gladiators, Ninja Warrior is a much better competition.

Let’s compare for a moment. American Gladiators involves challenges like these:

Meanwhile, Ninja Warrior has these sorts of obstacles to overcome…

In 10 years and 20 tournaments, only two people have ever completed the entire Ninja Warrior course. The four stages are insanely difficult and honestly makes American Gladiators look like a walk in the park by comparison.

I’d love to see the tough gladiators go over to Japan and see how far they could get on the Warrior course. I think only a three or four of them would survive stage one and I don’t think any would get through stage three. G4 is taking applications now to send some warriors over for tournament 21 this fall… be great to see a gladiator apply.

Compare the competitions for yourself sometime. Catch Ninja Warrior on G4 weekdays at 6pm and 6:30pm (ET) and American Gladiators Mondays at 8pm (ET) on NBC.