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[title of show] was part of the season opening of Broadway in Bryant Park this afternoon (other shows that participated today included Spamalot, Chicago and Stomp).

In the latest FlipVideo outing, I recorded the [tos] performance to share with you. [tos] did three songs: “Two Nobodies in New York, “A Way Back to Then” (which made me cry when we saw the show and did so again right there in the park) and “Nine People’s Favorite Things.”

With FlipVideo I need to get a lot closer to the action, which I will work on in future weeks. Closer will also help the YouTube video quality (the videos are only this pixelated once YouTube gets a hold of them). On the positive side the sounds quality is great and that makes these clips work since the four on stage are a little hard to see. I did try to record Stomp but it just didn’t work as well since a large part of the Stomp performance is the movement of the people on stage.