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Here’s the continuation of Friday’s Geek Out from my visit to Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series in Bryant Park, which featured Rent on Friday morning.

I shot a lot of video and got it edited down this afternoon.

First up, scenes from the sound check. Starting around 7am, they started doing the sound check with the band and the cast. You’ll here in some of this how much difficulty they had getting the sound tuned, especially during “Seasons of Love” with 17 open mics. Also, keep an eye out during the “Take Me or Leave Me” sound check as Anthony Rapp (on the right side of the screen) goofs around with Tracie Thoms as she sings.

Here are numbers performed for broadcast: “What You Own” (with Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp), a special expanded version of “Seasons of Love” and “Take Me or Leave Me” (which was shot as an GMA website extra.