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Today’s Broadway in Bryant Park lineup was fantastic: Spring Awakening, Xanadu, Wicked, Gypsy and Mary Poppins. Unfortunately, the limits on my Flip Video’s battery life were finally reached so I don’t have any of Gypsy or Mary Poppins to share. But, what I do have from the other three shows is good stuff.

Going out of performance sequence a little bit, I want to post my favorite song from Spring Awakening first: “The Song of Purple Summer.” This song gives me goosebumps and usually makes me cry a bit (and it did yesterday, drawing me an odd look from the person sitting to my left during the performance).

Two more Spring Awakening songs follow: “My Junk” and an edited version of “Don’t Do Sadness”

Xanadu brought out it’s understudies yesterday for its three songs: “Suddenly,” “Evil Woman” and “Suspended in Time.”

The final videos are from Wicked with “As Long As You’re Mine” and “The Wizard and I.”

I got to the park earlier yesterday, and that definitely helped the video since I got closer. And the audio quality of yesterday’s concert was better too, as if someone finally found the volume control. The only audio issue of yesterday was the breeze because you do occasionally hear it blow into the camera’s microphone.