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We’ve had yet another great 24 hours (which I suppose is no surprise at this point).

Last night we had a great Mexican dinner with A.J., Marc and Mark and then walked around for a while checking out the goings on. It’s Carnival week here so there are tons of people out and about. We had some amazing desert: I had a thing made with peanut butter and marshmallows stuffed between two peanut butter cookies and the whole thing was covered in chocolate. Will, meanwhile, had a Rice Krispie treat covered in white choclate and rainbow sprinkles…oh, and it was on a stick. Yum, yum, yum!

We’ve had a few start sightings in the past day. We saw Seth Rudetsky, he works behind the scenes on a lot of Broadway musicals, hosts his own weekly Broadway chat show and was seen as musical director of Legally Blonde on the MTV show that cast the new Elle Woods. He was out walking around last night. Tonight, comedian Kate Clinton showed up at our Inn to have dinner. Lea DeLaira was also out handing out cards to promote her shows this weekend.

We also saw David Drake tonight. He’s the director of the show we saw: Two Boys in Bed on a Cold Winter’s Night. He was handing out the programs at the door. The show was good. It took place immediately following a random hookup between two guys in New York in the late 80s. It was funny and ultimately quite dramatic as each guy got a lot more than they’d expected.

During the day today, we took a trolley tour around town. In about 40 minutes the Trolley took us all around Ptown and pointed out a lot of the historic sites. It was very cool. It kept moving, so there are only a couple of images from the tour itself.

Tomorrow is our last full day here.

* sigh *

We’re going to walk across the breakwater to get to Long Point and hopefully get to see one of the lighthouses up close. We also have dinner at the Inn tomorrow night and are off to see another show late tomorrow night.