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With the vacation last week, I’m behind in updating on hockey goings on.

Last Saturday was a great Ronnie’s Ice. I think best of all with that was that Roman let me skate with him during the breakout drill. Since Joe wasn’t there, Roman decided to partner up with me. I left my usual defensive post and skated the majority of the drill with him. It was a blast skating with him. I even scored a couple times off passes from him. Yay!

I skipped the Saturday night games, opting to keep the vacation going rather than going out for hockey. Both teams did well though. The Ordinals put together a 10-8 defeat of Hegemony. Meanwhile, the Wizards had a 1-0 win against the Blizzard. Great to see both teams get much needed wins.

This week, with the holiday, there was only Ronnie’s plus a scrimmage. Ronnie’s was good, especially the scrimmage. I skated a few shifts with the kids, but mostly played with Laurie, Jack and a couple other regulars. It was a good time.

I also hit up the Saturday Night Scrimmage, with its special 10pm time. We skated for a bit over two hours since they didn’t kick us off the ice until a little after midnight. It was a good mix of talent, some of it quite good. I even played goalie for about 20 minutes since we didn’t want to get plastic man out. I did pretty good, only letting in six goals. I know that sounds like a lot, but I wasn’t in goalie gear, didn’t have a goalie stick and some of the skaters were quite good. My team put in about the same amount on the real goalie on the other end… and I stopped 10-12 shots, so I’m happy with that performance.

Next week wraps up the season for the Ordinals. We won’t make playoffs… but hopefully we’ll end with a win. The Wizards still have two weeks to go in their season.