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The Ordinals had a fantastic opening night with an 8-0 victory against the Moose. It’s been more than a season since we’ve accomplished a shutout, so this was a sweet way to open the season. We accomplished this with a short bench of just 11 too, and we spread the scoring out pretty well too. I hope this is a sign of things to come for us this season. This is the start of season nine and it would be great to see the team make playoffs because it’s been a while.

For myself, I feel like I played a good game. It felt like a good mix of aggressive and conservative on defense. There were only a couple of things I’d like to take back, but they worked out because I only got aggressive when there was someone to back me up.

Ronnie’s was a little wonky this morning. I felt out of step for most of it. I spent short games and the scrimmage mostly working to cover Tommy. I did enjoy that and I did shut him down a couple of times in each. Hopefully he’ll keep coming to 4am so I can keep improving my defensive skills on him. If I can shut him down just a fraction of the time, the people in my own division should get a bit easier because he’s better than any of them.

Meanwhile, in some NYCGHA news, I’ve changed my position within the association. I did not seek re-election to my board position as Communications and Recruitment Director. Instead, I’ve taken a newly created position as Player Development Coordinator, which is a non-board position. Working with new players is the thing I really enjoy and this position is all about that. It’s an exciting night as several people I’ve helped get into the NYCGHA are playing their first games tonight as part of the newly resurrected Polar Bears.