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Cutie-pie Graig Horner is The SeekerIn the early 90’s syndicated programs like Star Trek:TNG, Baywatch, Hercules and Xena enjoyed remarkable success. But when most local independent TV stations hopped on the the WB or UPN bandwagon, the market for original syndicated shows dried up. Now Sam Taper and Sam Rami (the guys behind Herc and Xena) hope to bring adventure back to local weekend TV. Jeff and I caught the first half of the premiere episode of The Legend of the Seeker (I know, the title totally sucks) this weekend.

Jeff felt it was okay, I liked it a little more than he did. The lead, Craig Horner, is cute and charming and the show blends action and fantasy in a fun, but serious way (it’s not campy like Xena or post-modern/self-referential like Buffy). I’m interested to see where the story goes. I’ll definitely be checking it out next week.