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My general feeling after completing the first week of P90X? Ouch. I have been sore everyday this week, which is a good thing. I haven’t worked this hard or felt this way in a long time. These are some serious workouts. Each day focuses on a different body part or exercise discipline. I was unable to keep up in most of the workouts, but did my best and modified when necessary. The Kenpo Karate day was interesting. I discovered that I punch like I’m in a comunity theatre production of West Side Story and I kick like Paul in A Chorus Line. Not the butchest sight to behold to be sure. I also discovered I have really lousy balance. I was tumbling and flopping all over the living room on the plyometric and leg days (lots of lunges on that day and I almost always fall over when doing them). The Ab Ripper workout is 16 minutes of gut-busting insanity! I did it on Monday and was in agony. I skipped the next scheduled ab workout (Wednesday) and did it again on Friday (the stretching during yoga on Thursday helped immensely). Ab Ripper is my nemesis, but I will conquer it before the program is over! I enjoy all the workouts and Tony Horton is great, he’s instructive and enthusiastic without being cheesy. I lost a few pounds this week, but this is most likely to to my strict diet. Why would I expend all this effort to get in shape and sabotage my efforts by eating crap, right?