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The Tigers finally brought home another win with an 8-0 shut out of the Polar Bears last night. After two weeks of loss, it was great to get win. There were some excellent moments last night too, such as Adam’s first goal and Laurie scoring for being in the right place at the right time.

The Polar Bears are looking better too in just their fifth outing as a team. Both Jacob and Josh nearly picked up goals last night, and the Polar Bear defense is getting better too. It’s just a matter of time before the team picks up their first win, which will hopefully not come at the hands of the Tigers.

We were trying to stop scoring after the sixth goal, but after one of the Bears took out one of our guys and the refs opted to not call it since it was late in the third… we retaliated by posting up two more goals in quick succession. It’s unfortunate because it had been a clean game, but there was no reason for the last minute take down.

I felt back to normal with my playing yesterday. The Tigers game was a lot of fun and I had three or four rushes down ice with the puck. I couldn’t convert to goals, but it still felt good. Defense felt felt solid  throughout the day too, unlike last week when things just weren’t working right.

Ronnie’s was interesting. Twenty-five people at 4am! How did that happen? There was a contingent of new people there. I got to play with three of them in the four-on-four scrimmage and did good as the only person consistently back playing D. However, they were overwhelming the opposing side and I got pulled over there to shore up the D, something I was able to do. If I recall correctly those three didn’t score again. After we were done, Sohrab complemented me on my playing too, and that was very cool.

Next week it’ll be Tigers and Ordinals and Ronnie’s (and Wizards if they’ve got any open space).