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It was a night that started with a disastrous loss and ended with a fantastic win.

The Ordinals slump continued as we lost 16-1 to Wolfpack. Actually that 16-1 is only an approximate score because once there’s a 10 goal margin, the score doesn’t go up on the scoreboard any more. The final was definitely in the 15-1 or 16-1 area (update: it was actually 14-1). It’s a four game loosing streak now as we are 1-4 for the season.

Goalie John, but his own admission, had a bad game last night and once Wolfpack figured out how to score on him they just kept going for it. Our offense, on the other hand, did generate good pressure but it just didn’t convert into any more than one goal. It was great that Jon picked up his first Ordinals goal and that was reason to have a small celebration. Defense did okay last night, but we should’ve been better at trying to keep the opposition more away from John.

The Ordinals have three games in December, I’m hoping we can claw our way out of this slump.

The Tigers game was solid. We lost 2-1 against the Sled Dogs, a team we’d beat in our last meeting in overtime. We played hard, but couldn’t pull the game out despite lots of pressure on the Sled Dogs goalie.  The team played great too. We were short, but we pulled out some great stuff last night. I felt pretty strong in this game too.

I had a bizarre ninja-type clear in this game that has left me sore today. I was charging to beat a Sled Dog to the puck and as I made a back hand clear to get it out, I managed to drop to the ice, roll and pop back up. It drop to the ice was hard, especially on my knee because my shin guard shifted.  The drop also shook up my back a little bit too. I started feeling that in the Wizards game and I’m feeling it a lot today.

The Wizards game was the awesome hour of the night. We won 3-2 against the number one Hornets. It felt very much like a D7A game and the Wizards worked together so well. I think this game is the best I’ve played in weeks, maybe months. I had power, I had smarts, I made clears that surprised me… it all felt great. I was paired on D with Brian for most of the game and we clicked well.

Ronnie’s Ice was a blast as always. It was a small crowd this week. Tommy ran his usual good drills. The scrimmage was 5-on-5 with 2 on the bench as subs. I played a lot of D with Roman again, which I enjoyed. The thing that was odd here was I felt like the longer I played, the worse the play got. It was like my ability to read a play deteriorated. It was weird (maybe that carried into the Ordinals game for me… not sure… at least that was gone by the Wizards game).

Next week is a light hockey week becuase of the holiday. Definiltey a scrimmage Sunday night and maybe some Ronnie’s too.