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The Ordinals continued the losing streak as we fell to the Moose 8-6. The upside was that we put some goals on the board last night. The downside was that there was still some sloppy play with people out of position or not stepping up to win puck battles.

Next week things won’t get easier for the Ordinals either. We play our last game of 2008 against the mighty Canucks. Given how our recent games have gone, this could be a massive wipeout. Or, just maybe, it can be a Christmas miracle. We’re bound to turn this slump around at some point, and it would be great if it could be done against the Canucks.

The Moose game did produce one of the most disturbing incidents I’ve been a part of at Sky Rink. One of the Moose players resorted to calling me “fag.” I don’t know if he realized he was actually saying that to a gay guy (although I do have an NYCGHA patch on my jersey as well as a rainbow triangle on the back of my helmet). I immediately had one of the refs address the issue and I spoke to the Moose captain afterwards who had already told the player that was unacceptable. The player’s defense for saying it was lame though. He said that “fag” is often used in the leagues he plays in on Long Island. Yup, sad but true (and I suppose not that surprising).  Of course, the player never apologized to me, nor did he shake my hand after the game. Oh well… I at least did my part in calling it out and just not letting it go.

The Tigers meanwhile won against the Polar Bears, who continue in a slump of their own. There was really no joy in this game. We earned some goals and got a win, which the Tigers needed. I do wish there was something that could help the Polar Bears turn the corner into some wins of their own. I know it will happen having been on startup teams, it is just a matter of time.

The Wizards also won last night, I didn’t get to play with them because the game happened at the same time the Tigers game did, but they did win against the Blizzard.

Ronnie’s was good in the morning too. It was a good, but smallish group. There were two lines of 5-on-5 and the sides were well matched. Ronnie also showed me some exercises I can do to make my legs more flexible so that I might be able to bend my legs more. I’ll stick with those and we’ll see how that ends up over the next few weeks.