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OrdinalsThe Ordinals lost 9-4 last night to the division’s top team, the Canucks. While it was a loss, and made our record 1-7 for the season, it was the best played game we’ve had in weeks.

For the first period we were actually in the lead 3-1, which was stunning for us against this team. It was a well-played period with excellent passing and positional play. In the second period though we had a bit of our usual second period slump combined with the Canucks playing super smart. We did find one more goal in the third period, but the Canucks found more by taking advantage of some of our classic mistakes.
Personally, I had a mixed game. It was mostly good, but I had three pretty sizable mistakes, including one that should’ve gotten me an assist on the Canucks score sheet.

I stayed at the rink after the game and played in the Saturday Night Scrimmage. That was fun and exhausting. On my bench we started with 9 players, 6 forwards and 3 defensemen. After the first hour though, we started loosing people and in the last 15 minutes we had no one left so five of us were just out there. I played mostly D for the scrimmage, but did have a few shifts up that were kinda fun too, which was odd since I was a winger for those shifts.

It was great playing with some of the guys from the Blizzard, Knights and Wolfpack too. In fact, I’d never played with Shane before and playing D with him was a lot of fun and educational.

In some other team news, the Wizards won a 1-0 game last night too. Good job, guys!

I started playing with new pants last night too… thank goodness. The Nike pants I’d bought a couple years ago wore out and hand huge holes on the back. The new pants have more padding, which is great. It’ll take a  bit to break them in, but they are very good.