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WizardsTigersIt’s been a few weeks since I played a winning night of hockey… and it was wonderful to do so again.

My double header started off with a Wizards/Tsunami game. Tsunami is the top team in the division (6-2-1) and the Wizards are third (5-3) and Tsunami is always a super competitive and tough team to play and, although we beat them earlier in the season, we weren’t going to take them for granted. So, given all that, it’s fantastic that we beat them 3-1 last night.

Vince lead the team to this victory in every sense. He fired us up between the first and second period because he felt we weren’t being aggressive enough. Then he went on to pick up two of the three goals (and I’m happy to say his second goal came from an assist from me).

Unfortunately, the single Tsunami goal also came from us as one of our defensemen, with some up from the goalie, put the puck in our own net.

I was quite pleased with my performance in this game last night. Not only did I pick up an assist, but I felt like I was making a lot of solid plays/choices. My poke check is getting stronger, which is great since it’s such a good defensive tool.

I was solid in the Tigers game last night too. We took on the Rockets last night, who are third in the division (5-3) to our fourth (4-5-1). This was a game full of hustle and great play on both sides. We ultimately won the game 2-1, picking up the winning goal with just 35 seconds left in the game. It was good we didn’t have to go to overtime because we were a little bit short on the bench and we were all getting exhausted.

The score on this game should’ve been 3-1, but some sloppy ref’ing caused us to not get credited for a goal. From my position on the blueline, I watched the puck go up on the Rockets’ goalie’s shoulder and then roll down his back and into the net. The ref, who was out of position, whistled the puck dead. This same ref also called pucks dead that were still in play two or three other times during the evening too.

Nicky also got hurt last night, spraining her ankle in the third period. Hopefully she’ll  be healed up quickly… both for work, and for the next Tigers game in two weeks.

Ronnie’s was great in the morning (did you think you’d read otherwise). It was a small group of 13. We worked on penalty kills some more, which I’m really enjoying. The scrimmage was good too, with 5-on-5, full ice with just two subs.

My one problem that persisted yesterday was some breathing trouble. I seem to have some crud in my lungs. I got through all the hockey yesterday by using my inhaler. Hopefully this isn’t going to become something worse (like last winter’s bout with bronchitis).

In other hockey news…

  • The Ordinals did play yesterday afternoon and extended their losing streak (now 1-9) by going down to the Blizzard 8-2. I didn’t play this because I had conflicting plans with the early game.
  • I took in my first NHL game of the season on Wednesday as Paul and I did our annual Montreal/New York game. For the first time in three years, Paul got to see his home team win in MSG. It was a great game to watch as neither team collapsed and played really well. It was a good mid-week night out.