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OrdinalsTigersIt was a good afternoon of hockey. I felt I corrected some of my issues from last week, which was good since Will was in the stands watching this week.

I admit, I was nervous about him coming to the rink. He hadn’t seen me play since the Outgames in 2006. So I hoped that he’d be able to see the differences in play that three years makes. He told me that he could see improvement. I have to say I enjoyed seeing him standing along the glass. He was a trooper, being there for two games even as he got colder (I didn’t quite prepare him enough for how cold the rink can feel after you stand there for a couple hours).

The games themselves were, sadly, both losses. They were at least solid games.

The Ordinals continued with the loosing, but it was only a 6-1 loss. Gregg came in to play goalie and John moved to a defensive position and it worked pretty well all the way around. We’ll repeat this next week and see what happens. Perhaps we can pull off another win or two in our remaining two games. I picked up an assist on the single goal we had, which, of course, made me happy since Will was around to see that.

The Tigers lost too, but in an overtime shoot out… not a bad way to go. I am a little haunted by the goal the Hotshots got in regulation. I was about a half-step behind the shooter and I have had him in another second or two, but it was too late.

Overall, except for getting a win in one of the games, I do think Will saw some pretty good hockey from me. And it was nice to get to introduce him to people who usually only hear about him.

Thankfully I didn’t have the asthma problems in the afternoon games that I had at Ronnie’s Ice. It was not a pretty morning at all. It took more than the normal dose of inhaler to get my lungs to free up, and then I felt crappy because I’d taken so much. Ick. The cool thing yesterday though was that Teddy was back. Teddy used to coach Ronnie’s when I first started and it’s been about two years since he’s  been there because he was working out of the country for a while. It’s great that he’s back and it’ll be fun getting to play with him again.