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WizardsOrdinalsThe Wizards are jostling for playoff position these days with three games left to go after last night. Of course, we were hoping for a win last night against the Sled Dogs, but we couldn’t quite pull that off. After ending regulation play at 0-0 we also finished the overtime period a 0-0. We ended up losing in the shootout as the Sled Dogs got one goal in and we couldn’t put in any. We came out of that with a point in the standings and still looking good with our playoff  chances. Over the next three weeks the playoff slot is ours to either keep or to lose, depending on how we play. I think a playoff berth is ours.

Meanwhile the Ordinals met up with the Wolfpack last night. This team handed us our biggest loss of the season earlier with a 17-1 game. Last night we improved as we lost 8-2. The game was a pretty good one for us. We kept some decent offensive pressure at times, even while our defense was playing pretty conservatively so that we’d be able to deal with the fast opposition.

I had a good time playing last night. I felt I did well in both games. I saved a Wizards goal that slid under Peter, but not over the line. I got it out of the crease before the Sled Dogs could convert that. I also had the beginnings of some good offense. I got the puck and drove forward, passed it off to Vince right before I got cut off, but then got quickly in front of the net to be ready for Vince to shoot or pass. Unfortunately, the puck got lost, but it was a good set up.

The Ordinals game was decent for me too. Every now and then I’d make a stand too soon and get burned (although sometimes it worked). I was playing pretty aggressively as the score increased because there was really nothing to lose. I tried for a breakaway here too, but got cut off by one of their speedy defensemen and I couldn’t find any of my teammates to pass off to.

Ronnie’s was good in the morning too. Ronnie coached and we had some great skating drills (luckily I was breathing decently unlike the previous week). Sadly we had no goalies, which kinda sucked because the shooter tutors just aren’t that much fun. Even so, the scrimmage was fun because it was challenging with two of the players on the opposite side being excessively good. I shut them down a couple times, so that made me happy.

One problem from yesterday morning: I’ve hurt my left hand. I was doing a poke check and the stick twisted in my hand poorly in the follow thorough. I think I sprained it. I’ve got it wrapped and I’ll go a couple days and seem if it feels better or if it’ll require a trip to the doctor.

Next week the Ordinals wrap up this difficult season and the Tigers take on the Hotshots again. I won’t get to play with the Wizards because that game is the same time as the Tigers.