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OrdinalsTigersPolar BearsIt was a whole lot of hockey yesterday, more than I’d originally planned for.

The games started with the season finale for the Ordinals. We lost to the Blizzard 6-2 in a game that was pretty well played by us. The past three or four games we’ve seemed back to a more normal Ordinals game, even though we haven’t won the games. Yesterday we had some decent passing going and some decent defense too. John was back in net and had his mojo back too making some great saves to keep the score down.

I managed to get myself hurt in this game. Midway through the first period I collided with a Blizzard player and fell badly twisting my knee. I sat out the remaining of the first and toughed it out the last two periods. My knee was tight, but workable for the most part, although occasionally there was some shooting pain. I braced once I got home from this game and used the brace for the next two games (and am wearing it today too).

And with the conclusion of the season, I’m also done captaining the Ordinals after nine seasons and around 150 games. I’m looking forward to just playing on teams next season instead of running any of them. It’ll be a nice change of pace, and it’ll free up an hour or two during the week for other things.

The Tigers game was next and, unlike our last meeting with the Hotshots that went into an OT shoot out, it wasn’t our best game. We just couldn’t generate any solid offense and ended up losing 3-0. We should have put up a much closer game. Ideally we would’ve won since it was Captain Bob’s birthday. I made a couple of stupid plays here, one of which caused a goal, which I wasn’t happy about.

As I was leaving the ice from the Tigers game, I got recruited to play in the Polar Bears game. They only had 8 skaters and so I was happy to help out (Nicky, also from the Tigers, joined up too) since the opposing team was okay with it. It was fun playing with them. For a while, I thought I was going to get to play in the first Polar Bears victory because they lead for quite a while, but it wasn’t mean to be and they lost 5-3. I wish I could’ve done a little better by them. Occasionally I played to aggressively, rather than keeping it simple and conservative.

Ronnie’s Ice slid forward to 8am, so it got more crowded. John did some great drills though that a lot of defensive work, which I liked. The scrimmage was fun. I enjoy playing with Teddy again, so it was a good way to start the hockey day.

In Wizards news, they lost last night (they played at the same time as the Tigers so I couldn’t play with them). Hopefully we’ll stop the losing next week so that we don’t slip out of playoff contention.