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I’ve been on the bike three times since I bought it last week. I rode last Sunday to get the feel for being on a bike again. As expected, last week wasn’t a bike week since I was in Chicago Tuesday through Thursday. I went for another ride on Friday and turned that into a bit of a leg workout as I set the gears to provide some nice resistance.

Saturday was the first utilitarian trip. I biked up to Sky Rink for morning hockey. I need a way to carry my stick across my back, but carrying one stick in my hand wasn’t a bad way to go either. Biking up there, which took about 20 minutes against the wind, was a great warm-up too. It did start raining during the scrimmage so I got wet on the ride home. That was actually a nice cool down and certainly cleared the bike path of most of the other traffic.

Today I picked up some new safety/convenience accessories: a second lock (I don’t think it’s possible to be over locked), a helmet, water bottle holder, a couple of lights (white for the front and red for the back). I still need to pick up some locking skewers for the wheels and seat and until I have those I’ll be locking the wheels every way possible and probably taking the seat with me.

I used the Ride the City site to help plan tomorrow’s inaugural trip to work. I’ve got a meeting right after work, so I’ll be going from work to the meeting and then biking home. I’m looking forward to seeing what I think of all this biking activity! Per the weather forecast, it looks like I should be able to ride 3 or 4 days this week.