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Bike PathThis week was the least amount I’ve been able to ride the bike since I got it. That did not make me happy.

When I wrote last weekend, I knew I wasn’t going to ride on Wednesday because I had to be in Brooklyn right after work. But Thursday ended up out of the question too because I ended up going to Westport, CT for work meetings. So I rode only three days of five.

Monday and Tuesday were pretty typical rides. I’m getting into a nice pattern. I get get to work in 30 to 40 minutes, depending on how fast I chose to go and allowing for any traffic weirdness. I’m working to get this to consistently be closer to 30. I get home in about 45 minutes. Traffic is more of a factor on the ride home, but I’m getting better at negotiating that so it’s less of a slow down.

Friday I was ecstatic to be back on the bike. I rode even though there was a chance of rain. I got dripped on just a bit in the morning… and then got soaked coming home. The downpour was such that I had to take a few minutes of shelter at Pier 40 (a little less than a mile from home) because I really couldn’t see where I was going all that well. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the ride and the rain.

Next week is going to be another short ride week. I’m in Chicago Wednesday and Thursday. Hopefully I’ll get to ride the other three days. The weather isn’t looking good, right now there’s rain chances every day. It’ll be a day-to-day decision, based on how the morning looks.