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TigersThe Tigers kept the new season going with another win last night, taking on the brand new Great Whites. You never know what you’re going to get when you face a brand new team and, while the team shows a lot of promise in only their second game, we owned the game from the beginning and won 7-1.

The Tigers are looking good this season. Some of our new players continue to rack up points. Both Soren (who scored last week) and Steve (from the Ordinals, and making his Tigers debut) scored. I’m hopeful this is the beginning of a solid season. That will get put to the test next week when we take on the Scapegoats, one of the top teams from last season. They always challenge us and we never beat them in our three matchups last season. Next week hopefully sees a turnaround in that trend.

I felt pretty good in this game. Yes, the sole goal against us was scored while I was out and it was mine to stop before it got to Tom. Unfortunately, I got tangled in traffic and couldn’t get to the puck carrier in time. The rest of the D play was pretty good, although I left the backdoor open a couple times becuase I wasn’t watching exactly the person I should’ve been. That’s something I need to work on a bit more across the board.

I missed playing with my other two teams last night. The Wizards won their second game of the season, 4-3 against the Strangers. The Ordinals lost big to the Blizzard last night (I believe that score was 11-3). I’ll definitely be back with the Wizards next week (I couldn’t make it this week due to an AFC outing) and I’ll be available for the Ordinals if they have space.

Ronnie’s was fun in the morning (when is it not), although I did not play well there at all. I was out of sync for the drills. The scrimmage was a bit better.  I guess I just wasn’t firing on all cylinders. Luckily I blew that out of my system in the morning so the Tigers game turned out well.

Meanwhile, I got recruited this week to play in the Recreational (or upper) division for this year’s Chelsea Challenge (June 19-21). Gregg asked and I said yes to join up with his Hartford Whalers team. I’m looking forward to playing up. I’ve never taken that leap for the Challenge so I’m looking forward to it (although a bit nervous that I might be in over my head since it means we could face the NY Lions). More on this, of course, Challenge weekend.