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TigersWizardsOrdinalsThe loss piled up all over the place last night. The good news (if you could call it that) was that none of them were large losses.

The Tigers started things off with a loss against the Scapegoats. This is the top team in the division and we did pretty good here, narrowly going down 3-2. We had good hustle and the forwards did a great job keeping the puck in the offensive zone. Their goalie was good though and they had some players who could pour on the skating so there were some unfortunate breakouts.

The Wizards game was interesting. The Hornets did all their scoring, all two points, early in the first. After that, neither side scored further. Unfortunately for the Wizards, that means we didn’t score at all, leaving us with a 2-0 loss. This was a hard game for me. The first goal happened on my watch because I made some stupid moves. and couldn’t stop it. The rest of the game I felt like I was doing an okay job, but it was hard to shake that first big error. The team got stronger as the game went on, but we just couldn’t get one on the board.

Last night was my first time to play with the Ordinals this season. It was good to be back with them without any of the responsibility. While the lost 5-3 against Andrews Kurth, the team, at least to me, seemed to be playing pretty good. We had a decent passing game going. The defense was working good. I was out for a couple goals and they were sloppy ones, but I’m not sure what I could’ve done differently. All in all, I felt like my play was pretty good here and it was good to get back into a 7A game.

Ronnie’s Ice was fun in the morning. I was pretty dreadful in the drills for some reason. I had a much better scrimmage though and enjoyed that hour quite a bit. Igor was there for the first time in months and somehow ended up playing on my line instead of Roman’s and it was great to play with him.

I finally got my new skates too! Yay! I’m going to get them baked and sharpened this week and then wear them next week for Ronnie’s and a weekend scrimmage. Since there are no league games due to the holiday weekend, I can get them broken in without having to bring them out for the first time in a real game.