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The fate of about 18,000 same-sex marriages will  be decided around 1pm ET today.

That’s when the California Supreme Court will decide if Proposition 8, a voter passed constitutional ban on same-sex marriages will stand or if it will be reversed.  In the case, ban opponents argued that the majority cannot vote away civil rights of a minority. Ban proponents countered that the will of the people as expressed by the vote is the highest authority in the state.

From what I’ve read, the court has two things it will do in today’s ruling: 1) Decide if Prop 8 stands, which would go against the June 2008 ruling the court made that said the ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. 2) If Prop 8 stands, the justices will decide what happens to the 18,000 couples who got married while same-sex marriage was legal.

Will and I have several friends in California who took advantage of the legal marraiges. Our hopes are with them that the court will do the right thing (becuase sometimes the right thing is not the popular thing).