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Bike PathWeek seven was pretty uneventful. It was a four day work week and I rode three of four of those days.

Friday’s weather pulled a fast one on me, so I did the commute by subway (the first time in 12 days I’d been on the subway). It was pouring down rain all morning long, then just when I’d decided not to ride, it tapered off fast. Not fair!

I got wet on Thursday too. A bit misted in the morning and then a lot misted on the way home. I can’t really say I got rained on, but I was wet.

Best biking of the week came yesterday morning. I headed out for hockey a little after 5am and was treated to a gorgeous sunrise. It’s mornings like that that make me very happy I’ve become a cyclist.

How’s week eight look? Well, I see a small chance of showers Tuesday, Wedensday and Thursday. I just have to make the right choices about when that rains going to fall! I’d love to get another 5 day week under my belt.