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The top 20 performing on this week’s So You Think You Can Dance were all pretty phenomenal! There was the sense that would be the case coming out of Vegas and the group lived up to expectations… almost.

Asuka and Vitolio tackled Broadway this week and I did not like it. First off, the choreography from Tyce Diorio did nothing for me. If you’re going to take a song that Bob Fosee choreographed first,  you’ve got to do something pretty amazing. On top of that Asuka and Vitolio didn’t sell it that well either.

Some highlights of the evening:  the cha cha from Karla and Jonathan, Phillip and Jeanine’s hip hop (especially that she kept up with him), Ade and Melissa did an amazing contemporary number (that he picked her up, put her behind his head and then moved her in front was a stunning display of strength) and Jason and Caitlin’s Bollywood routine.

My runner up for favorite dance of the night was Kupono and Ashely’s Wade Robson jazz routine.

And the favorite of the night comes from Evan and Randi. Here Tyce did a great jazz number.

On the results night there was a fantastic group number too:

Tony and Paris went home and that was a good call. While their performances on Wednesday were solids, their solos on Thursday were only mediocre.

I hope you were able to see the videos. SYTYCD‘s producers are anal about their copyright and they tend to force things off of YouTube. They should take a lesson from American Idol, which makes embedable videos available on the Idol site. Let the fans enjoy and discuss.