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It’s Ninja Warrior time again! Whoo-hoo! This Sunday night, starting at 5:30pm ET, G4 will air Ninja Warrior 22 (or Sasuke 22 if you prefer the Japanese terminology).The evening gets going with the Ninjafest 4 special, G4’s look at the twenty-second tournament and the challengers that G4 has entered into it. Then it’s five back-to-back episodes of Ninja Warrior. We can’t wait!

Here’s a sneak peek at #22. This is Makoto Nagano run at the first stage of the course. Nagano is one of the few people to complete all four stages to attain total victory. As this clip shows, however, stage one has changed enough that he doesn’t make it past stage one this time.

If you need more ninjas… G4 began a Ninja Warrior marathon this morning that will run right up to the premiere on Sunday night. Ninjas, ninjas and more ninjas!