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Bike PathIt was a pretty full week of riding. Thursday was the only day that I had to take off for weather considerations. It was very rainy and the right choice not to ride because it would’ve been miserable, especially in the morning downpour.

But even with Thursday off, I still had a lot of biking. With the Chelsea Challenge Tournament, I was up and down to the rink on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It was not a nice ride home after the final game on Sunday afternoon—six games across about 40 hours takes a lot out of you and really kills the legs. On the plus side though, there were no cab fares or subway rides!

The one gross thing in the week came on Wednesday. On the way home the biker two bikes in front of me got hit in the helmet with a bird that was slightly bigger than a sparrow. The rider sorta freaked out (who wouldn’t) and fell off his bike. I was stunned the biker immediately behind him went around him while two runners going north also skirted the accident. I stopped and hung out with the stunned rider, who now had bird blood on his helmet, to make sure he was okay. We both got underway again in about five minutes. I hope not to witness this Alfred Hitchcock-esque scene again… and especially that it doesn’t happen to me personally.