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Will and Jeff at the Summer Fur DanceLast night we broke the mold on our usual Friday night, which consists of Will cooking dinner and then we curl up on the couch to watch stuff on the DVR.

We still had dinner, but then we went out to the LGBT Community Center for the Summer Fur Dance. The last time we went dancing was somewhere in 1995 or ’96 while we were still in our early dating years. I don’t dance well, but I do like trying to keep some kind of beat going and watching others. Will, on the other hand, is a good dancer and can hold his own well on a dance floor.

We certainly weren’t in the middle of things, but it was nice hanging out with a great diverse crowd (particularly nice to hang with Josh and Neil through the evening), chatting with some people and people watching in general.

Thanks to Josh for snapping this pic of us last night. Proof that we can occasionally go out after dark… and to a dance no less!

We had a good time and I wouldn’t be surprised if we went to the next fur dance.