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Bike PathIt was a mixed week on the bike. I was off on Monday to recover from the Chelsea Challenge. Tuesday found me still in recovery mode. My legs were just not up to riding, plus I knew there was a good chance I’d be seeing Hair that night and I wasn’t sure what bike parking would be like near the theater.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were good bike days though. Wednesday I learned about riding with a low-pressure tire. I’m not sure what changed between coming home from the last Challenge game on Sunday afternoon and heading out Wednesday morning, but the bike was sluggish. I rode easy until I got home Wednesday night and then inflated both tires up. Thursday’s ride was back to normal.

Thursday was the first day I took hockey stuff to work too. That went really well between the stick holder and the double baskets I’ve got on the back now. In fact, I love the baskets overall. It’s awesome getting every thing off my back for the rides (except when I carry the sticks and at least those aren’t very heavy).

Friday the kindness of strangers played into the ride. Leaving work I didn’t clip my phone to my pocket well and it popped out right as I started riding…and I didn’t know it. Luckily, before I left the block a cab driver let me know that I’d dropped it. I doubled  back and it had just been picked up by a construction worker so I recovered the phone. The holster was damaged in the fall and the phone won’t lock in right. I’ll go to the Sprint store tomorrow to see what I can do about that. It was great to get the help though…

Saturday, of course, I was at the rink. The stick holder gave way mid-way to the rink so I had to carry the sticks the rest of the way. I affected repairs though and it was all good for the trip home. In the same way I need to pay more attention to my tire inflation for a good ride, I need to periodically check the stick handler to make sure the straps aren’t about to fall out.