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Bike PathThis week was the three month anniversary of biking. It quickly became my preferred way to get to work and get to the rink. Since I’ve owned the bike, I’ve done as much commuting as possible on it, even to the point of going to work in the rain by protecting my work clothes in a garbage bag to keep them dry even if it rains hard. In these 12 weeks my trips to the rink have been exclusively by bike with the exception of one where there was a severe thunderstorm in progress.

This week I rode the maximum amount. Monday through Thursday I biked to work, despite the ever present chance of thundershowers. I dodged the rain every day except Tuesday when I got properly soaked coming home. I actually liked the soaking rain as it kept the other traffic to a minimum. I also rode to the rink this morning and will do so again tomorrow for a scrimmage.

Morning rides also cut down on time, on Tuesday I did the ride in 30 minutes. I need to find a way to cut down the ride  home, which I can’t seem to get under 40 minutes. I know part of the problem is the cross town traffic on 35th. It’s better than 37th was, but it still sucks time out of the ride. I need to see if I can safely go down 7th Avenue into the 20s. I may experiment with that this coming week. It should be a good ride this week… the weather forecast looks the best that it has in a month.