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Bike PathAll five work days had me on the bike this past week! That hasn’t happened in a while, either due to weather, short work weeks, or doing something after work where the bike was impractical to have. But, this was a full five ride week and that made me happy. The weather was finally fabulous too. We got out of the London/Seattle weather pattern and got one that seemed more fall than summer (and you know I liked that). Best week of bike weather so far for me.

The weather prevented me, however, from riding to hockey last night. As I was getting ready to leave I checked the weather and saw a sizable storm to the west. It was the right choice. When I got out of the rink it was pouring and there was impressive thunder/lightening.

This week will be a short bike week. I will be in Brooklyn tomorrow after work so I won’t bike. The rest of the week though look like it will be as good as last week. Yay!

One thing I’ve noted as the weather got so good last week… pedestrians think the protected bike paths are annexes to the sidewalks. Riding on the paths on Broadway and 9th Avenue there are often pedestrians acting like it’s theirs. I don’t get why they feel like it’s okay to stroll in a lane of traffic.