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WizardsWeird hockey night yesterday since I only had one game instead of two or three.

The Wizards went against the Blizzard and lost 3-0. From the offensive standpoint we seemed to have a hard time keeping pressure up in the Blizzard’s zone and, when we were there, it wasn’t easy getting things by Brian (of course it never is).

The Blizzard is also getting itself together again. They had a rough patch and they’re coming out of it. It’s good to see, I just wish the Wizards hadn’t been stuck being part of their transition back to the win side. It was great, however, to see Steve back on the ice after a prolonged outage for ACL issues.

My game was a little rough last night. I had issues with asthma. It was humid and I thought I had countered that by using my inhaler before the game started, but for a while it seemed like I hadn’t taken anything. By about half way I had that under control and overall played decent. I even had an offensive rush moment. Too bad nothing could come of that.

Next week there’s Friday night hockey for the Tigers and Wizards plus Saturday hockey for the Tigers.