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Bike PathWeek 14 was not a good week. It started out well enough with good rides on Tuesday and Wednesday as the weather continued to be fabulous. But, I apparently punctured a tire on the way home Wednesday night becuase I was greeted with a flat tire Thursday morning. This wasn’t something I could quickly take care of becuase 1) I don’t know how to fix a punctured tube and 2) I didn’t have time to get it to a shop to fix it. So, Thursday and Friday there was no ride.

This morning I took the bike over to Gotham/Toga Bikes in TriBeCa (a close 15 minute walk from home). The tire will get fixed and the bike will get a tune up that it desperately needs to cure the gear issue I’ve talked about recently. I liked this bike shop. The one I was using near work caters mostly to messengers and it has a dingy feel. Gotham serves the neighborhood and it has a good vibe in it. The bike will be ready Tuesday morning, so I’ll be back on the ride when I pick it up Tuesday after work.