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So You Think You Can DanceIt was a weird and wacky (really seemed like a parallel universe almost) for this past week’s So You Think You Can Dance. With this week showcasing the top eight, it was surprising how lackluster many of the dances were. It show kicked off spectacularly with another Travis Wall creation that had the group at a rave. It was fabulous opener. The show was bookended with the dance of the night, and one that will likely be in the running for a Emmy next year.

Tyce Diorio worked with Melissa and Ade on a contemporary number with the topic of breast cancer set to the music of  Maxwell’s “This Woman’s Work.” It is extraordinary!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know Tyce had that kind of dance in him. Maybe I’ve missed it in season’s I didn’t watch or I just haven’t been paying attention. I hope he puts out more work like this.

The only other performances of the night that I thought worthy of the top 8 were Jeanine and Brandon’s pop jazz  number that had a military flavor to it as well as their beautiful waltz. I also loved Jason and Kayla’s Broadway number, done to “Mr. Monotony” from Jerome Robbins Broadway and it was great to see these two performing so well in this style. Jason really got the character and movement so well.

Jump to Thursday’s results show, which was SYTYCD‘s 100th episode. The show opened with a stunning Mia Michaels choreographed number to A Chorus Line‘s iconic number “One.” Also great to see on this show were three dances from past seasons that won Emmys: Wade Robson’s jazz piece known as “The Hummingbird and the Butterfly,” Mia Michaels’ contemporary “bench routine” and Robson’s “Ramalama” (which he performed in for the 100th show occasion).

The clunker on this show was the Katie Holmes routine from Tyce. She performed Judy Garland’s “Get Happy” in honor of the Dizzy Feet Foundation. It was done music video style and was just not all that exciting. It would’ve been cooler if she’d stepped out on the SYTYCD stage and sang and danced live instead of tucked away on a backlot.

The elimination was stunning (and truly parallel universe): Janette and Jason went home. Of course, I’m sad about Jason becuase he’s not only a great dancer, but he’s hot and I’ll miss seeing him every week. Janette is truly a shock (I’m with Mary–shock of the season). I thought it was going to come down to her and Brandon for the winning slot.

Only two more weeks to go… next week it’s Top 6.