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Bike PathAs expected, it was a short bike week. I got the bike from the shop on Tuesday evening and a brief, but soggy, ride home. I didn’t ride on Wednesday because I couldn’t remember if there was a place to park near the dentist office (which there is, so I’ll know that for the next appointment in January). Thursday and Friday I rode as usual and was soooooooo happy to be back on the bike. It sets a better tone for the day than a subway ride and it’s a better cool down from the day than the subway too. The weekend, of course, had me to and from Sky Rink a few times since there was a lot of hockey to be played.

The tune up was great for the bike, of course, It’s riding better now than it ever has! It should be a fairly good ride week too. I only expect to take Monday off (which is typical now that I’m in Brooklyn for a few hours after work each Monday).