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Bike PathFour months on the road… and it was a decent bike week to celebrate. As usual, I was off the bike on Monday. Friday was also a skip day because of the high chance of rain. While I would’ve made the morning commute just fine, coming home would’ve been extremely unpleasant.

I’d already pushed my luck on Wednesday. There was a 50% chance of rain, and that translated into some severe thunderstorms in the afternoon. I bolted home and made it with about two minutes to spare before the monsoon started. It was kind of funny seeing all the intense looks of the bikers on the West Side Highway bike path as everyone was intent on getting where they were going before the rain. You could see the clouds, rain and lightening to the West in Jersey, so it truly was a race.

The rest of the week was a normal ride. Saturday morning’s ride to hockey was the best of the week. The weather was just about as perfect as a summer morning can be.