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WizardsTigersIt was a fun Saturday evening at the rink. The double header got started with the Wizards facing off against the Rumblefish.  While the Rumblefish picked up the first goal of the night, we came back strong and won 3-1.

The game had a rough start for me. For most of the first period I couldn’t seem to receive a pass. Even if the puck hit my strick, I couldn’t hold on to it. I also wiffed a few pucks and made a couple of weak passes. I’m not sure what was going on there, but I worked my way out of it as the second started. I ended up making some solid clears, as well as doing a pretty good job of keeping the puck in the offensive zone and that included making some nice shots on net.

I moved right on to the Tigers/Hotshots game. This was a mini Wizards vs. Wizards came as Grigory and I moved onto the Tigers and Robb, Jonathan and Peter went to the Hotshots. The first period was exhausting. We started with only three D and that was some hard work. But it was also a good time. I felt good while I was playing for some long stints.

Sadly we lost 4-1. I had a good +/- going until the third period when a puck deflected off my leg, slid along the goalie’s pad and then into the net. Before that, I wasn’t out for any goals against and was on ice for the goal we got.

I was good and aggressive in this game. I kept getting pucks cleared right to me so I’d either make shots or go in from the neutral zone and throw some shots at Peter.

After the game a lot of us went out for Adam’s birthday, which was great. It was worth not playing the Ordinals game later in the evening to go out with the team and celebrate his 25th. If only he could’ve picked up a goal.

Of course, I did Ronnie’s in the morning. The drills were typically good. The scrimmage was difficult as we were outgunned for the second week. But we got better as we went. We never scored, but we ultimately got to where we would be in the offensive zone more often.