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So You Think You Can DanceAnd 20 became 1 as Jeanine won season five of So You Think You Can Dance. Brandon got my votes, but Jeanine was just as deserving. She and Brandon certainly rocked the finale with a paso doble that was a stunner. Brandon also had a rockin’ number with Kayla.

The only surprise in the finale was that Evan didn’t get bumped first. Jeanine, Brandon and Kayla, I felt, had all performed consistently better than Evan (Evan wasn’t top four worthy in my view). For Kayla to get cut first in fourth place didn’t seem right. But, of course, this is America’s Favorite Dancer not necessarily Best Dancer.

Here are my favorite clips from the performance part of the finale, both featuring Brandon. First, he and Kayla perform to Bye, Bye Love from All That Jazz (that’s Roy Scheider and Ben Vereen on vocals).

Tyce impressed me with this. I’m usually not a fan when he does something that has iconic choreography already in place. Here I thought he put his own stamp on the movie’s finale and it was extremely satisfying.

Next up is that stunner of a paso doble from Brandon and Jeanine.

The second half of the finale packed in a lot of my favorite dances of the year, and it was great to see them again: the top 20 opening with “Brand New Day,” Randi & Evan’s “butt dance,” Kayla & Kupono’s addiction number, Janette & Brandon’s Argentine tango, Jeanine & Jason’s “heart on the chain” dance and Ade and Melissa’s breathtaking cancer patient routine.

SYTYCD is back in just a few weeks. In September there’ll be a “best of” show, which I’m excited about since I missed three seasons of dance. The season six gets under way on September 9.