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Bike PathEven though I haven’t blogged a lot, I’ve been on the bike nearly everyday. In fact, since the beginning of week 17 (back on August 3), I’ve only had one non-bike to work day and that was August 3 because I had my usual post-work time in Brooklyn.

As it’s gotten hotter it’s been great being on the bike over being in the steam chamber that is a subway platform. This past week has been the hottest and most humid of the summer and I’ve been very happy not setting foot on the subway once. Yesterday’s ride was pretty nasty; it was hard to whip up a breeze around me with my momentum and there was almost no wind at all once I’d come inland from the riverfront. But at least I was under my own power, I had cold water with me, and I wasn’t sweating and standing still on a train platform.

The end of week 18 was unexpectedly cool. I was at the office late Friday getting Scrabble work done and left at near midnight. Now I often ride home from the rink after midnight, but that’s along the Hudson bike path. The ride from midtown in the middle of the night was uncharted territory.  It was kinda fun. It was a cool night, not much vehicular traffic, well behaved pedestrians. It was a very enjoyable ride… and there was some good eye candy out in Chelsea just to add to the fun!