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OrdinalsTigersWizardsI got ice time with all my teams this weekend, but with mixed success.

The Ordinals had a Friday game against the Wild Turkeys, which we won 9-2. It was crazy difficult to play becuase the air was so thick and the ice was so bad. This week’s humidity made the air in the rink extrememly heavy to the point that it really affected everyone (instead of just those of us with asthma). The humidity and heat took its toll on the West Rink’s ice too. I’ve never seen it look this bad, including being able to see the sand layer under the ice. It’ll be nice when they re-pour that rink over Labor Day weekend.

Saturday’s game were played on the East Rink, so we had better ice but it was still wet air.

The Tigers lost 8-2 against the Great Whites. I’m not sure what went wrong with that game. We opened strong with two goals in the first period, but then that was it for our scoring. We also had a hard time shutting the Whites down. They picked up their game at the start of the second and we couldn’t quite match it. It was disappointing.

The Wizards also lost 8-2 against the Strangers. This was a fun game, despite the score. There was a fast pace to it and a good amount of strategy trying to figure out how to stop them. For a new team, they’ve come together very well over the course of the season. We’d beaten them twice before but it wasn’t meant to be tonight.

Sadly, the game was called off with about 9 minutes to go in the third becuase one of our players got cut with a skate blade across the back of his leg, just above his skate boot. Lots of blood loss on the rink and at rink side as he got patched up by a Army field nurse who plays on the Wizards and the Tigers’ resident doctor took care of him. But with the blood on the ice, the rink staff needed to get that cleaned up before anyone skated on it. It was an odd way to end an intense game.

Next week there’s two Wizards games and  a Tigers game as the season starts to wind its way down.