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To Love a CowboyThe span of time it took me to read To Love a Cowboy by Rhianne Aile is no reflection on how much I enjoyed it. I still haven’t found the right balance with my reading time since I have basically stopped commuting by subway. Eventually I’ll get the timing thing worked out so it doesn’t take so long to read a book.

Aile’s book is made up of two works: To Love a Cowboy and Justice.

To Love a Cowboy is a modern day romance set on a ranch. Roan Bucklin returns to the ranch after years of college and living on his own. His return rekindles the feelings between him and the ranch foreman that had just started to spark when Roan left home. Both men have a thing for each other: Roan’s willing to admit it; Patrick isn’t because he’s not sure Roan should give up his life to be with an older man. It is a sweet story with a great mix of love, romance and some steamy goings-on.

Justice jumps back in time to the old West with the Abrams brothers who happen upon the town of Justice while they are out seeking vengeance against the man who killed their parents. Justice is a unique town for the brothers, where everyone is welcoming and they quickly find a place they think they could call home after all these years. The feeling grows when they each meet someone they could grow old with. Of course there’s a good dash of drama here too as the brothers finally catch up with the man they’ve been searching for.

These stories were great summer reading… would’ve been ideal for the beach or vacation getaway. For both stories, I like how Aile set them in a universe where no one really questioned that the characters could be gay. No one really had to come out, no one had to deal with upset parents. It was okay that these characters were were in love with men. It’s nice to get that in books while society continues to, unfortunately, grapple with the issue.

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