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I’m not a video game person. I always preferred pinball. There was a span of time that I owned an Atari console, but I’ve never owned a Nintendo, Xbox, PS3, Wii or whatever the latest video game thing was.

There’s something about this week’s release of The Beatles: Rock Band, I’m mildly interested in at least having temporary access to whatever will play this cool looking game (is it a game? is it an experience?). The game goes from the Fab Four’s start at the Cavern club until the last performance on top of the Abbey Road studios with 40 classic songs and tons of extras as you win levels. I love the look of this trailer:

Wednesday is not only Rock Band day, it’s also the day The Beatles catalog is re-released with fully remastered recordings, which are supposed to be far superior to the original CD releases of the 90s. The box sets have sold like mad and Amazon doesn’t have the stereo or mono box sets. If I had the cash, I’d buy both of them to get to listen to them. There are actually subtle differences in many of the songs between the stereo and mono sets and I’d love to hear that for myself. Luckily all of the individual albums are available, remastered. I may end up picking up one or two of these, in particular I’m looking at Sgt. Pepper becuase the remaster is supposed to be stunning.

Now, back to my internal debate of whether to Wii or not Wii in the near future! I might settle for a viewing of Yellow Submarine instead (at least that’s affordable…and fun).