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WizardsThe Wizards had a great season finale against the Rumblefish, winning 10-1. I managed to pick up to assists last night: one was breaking us out of our defensive zone which started an offensive rush, the other was from a shot I made from the blue line that Jay tipped on into the goal. It was a nice way for me to end the season.

My defense was also pretty solid last night. I was making good choices most of the time. There were a few breakouts from the other team, but recoverable (either from my defense partner or Peter taking care of things in net). It was a fun time on the defensive side of the bench too as we were all in good spirits.

I’m glad the game went so well. I’d been feeling rundown headed to the rink last night, and it was rough at Ronnie’s Ice in the morning between being tired and dealing with the allergies/breathing issues of the past week. But it all fell into place by game time and after it was done I felt the best I had in many days. I’m still glad I went to Ronnie’s though because fall times as started so it was at six and even though I played rather poorly, I still had fun.

Next week the Tigers and Ordinals wrap up their spring/summer season.