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Dancing with the StarsSo You Think You Can DanceThree days of dancing on TV per week! That’s what’s going on for the next 10 or 11 weeks as Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays and Tuesday sand So You Think You Can Dance plays Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The pattern isn’t totally in place yet as DWTS just finished its three day premiere “event” and SYTYCD is in the middle of auditions before Vegas week happens in three weeks.

All this dance at one time requires some adjustment to the dance blogging otherwise I’d be writing only about this for days. So it will be an all-in-one blog to talk about both shows. So here we go for week one:

DWTS, Season 9 Week 1: Three nights, five hours is too much. There’s way too much filler going on here, especially in the results show.  The projections on the floor are also over used and distracted. They were hauled out once in a while last season, but it seems like they are always there now. Results show was also over Disney-ized: The Lion King (I love “Circle of Life,” but why here?) and Miley Cyrus’ new video. Plus lots of filler from Kenny Mane and others. I’m glad I recorded it and sped through it. Too bad they didn’t ditch some of the boring filler to do a longer Patrick Swayze tribute. What they had was great and it could’ve been a longer. How much filler was there over three night? I watched the five hour “event” in about 2 hours, 20 minutes.

Let’s talk about the dances…

Liked it: Aaron’s cha cha, Mark’s cha cha (but “Kung Fu Fighting”… really? tacky song choice), Donny’s fox trot, Louie’s fox trot (Louie and Chelsie are sooo cute together), Debi’s salsa, Melissa’s Viennese waltz, Natalie’s salsa, Joanna’s salsa. Two dances were tops for me: 1) Mya’s Viennese waltz. I don’t know what Len’s problem was. It was beautiful. 2) Kelly’s Viennese waltz. What a revelation. She was graceful and stunning. It was the last thing I expected from her.

Not so much: Chuck’s fox trot, Ashley’s fox trot, Michael’s cha cha (he proved he’s not Jerry Rice, not even close), Tom’s cha cha, Kathy’s salsa and Macy’s waltz (Will said she made Cloris Leachman look like Martha Graham).

The relays each night were an interesting way to see people doing the same style back to back. I agreed completed with the judges rankings. Ultimately I was good with the eliminations: Ashely and Macy.

SYTYCD, Season 6 Audition Week 3: Auditions are taking a long time this season as they are going an hour a time instead of two hours. There’s been some really good looking talent coming out of where they’ve been so far: L.A., Phoenix and Boston. This week’s Boston crew was good. I was sad super tall guy didn’t get into Vegas. Hopefully he’ll come back. Three more weeks until Vegas… and then this part of the weekly Dance-a-poolza will get a little more active.