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OrdinalsMid-week got the notice: the Ordinals were going into the playoffs. How’d that happen? The Wolfpack did not meet their financial commitment to the rink and so they weren’t allowed to keep their playoff slot. So we got called up.

It could have turned into a Disney movie moment: The team that wasn’t supposed to be there ends up and wins the whole thing. A loft goal given our record for the year… but why not.

The first half of the game, it seemed possible. At that point the score was 4-2 and we were playing very good. But then the Blizzard got three goals within a couple minutes and it seemed to take the wind out of our sails. The hope for  a Disney heading faded and by the time it was done we’d lost 11-3 (or maybe 12-3, I’m not really sure where the final score fell.

So now we’re really done for the season and the Blizzard and the Canucks will battle it out for the 7A playoffs.

Meanwhile, Ronnie’s Ice was fantastic. There were few enough people that we got to do the penalty kill drill, which is one I really enjoy. Four-on-four half ice was the scrimmage setup again and that was great. I scored both of our line’s goals (unfortunately we ended up at lost 3-2) but it was still a great time.

Next week is the start of 4am! I can’t wait.